Where Do You Go?

When the day gets crazy, you are overwhelmed, stressed or just need a little “me” time to think and rejuvinate your soul, where do you go?  If you are a busy mom with young kiddos running around, an escape to the bathroom or tub ALONE may be your “me” time.  Maybe it is running to the grocery store unaccompanied to peruse the aisles thinking of the dinners to cook or lunches to prepare.  Maybe your “me” time is that time right after your little ones fall asleep.  You lie in bed with them after reading a bedtime story or scratching their back, watching the gentle rising of their chest, hearing the quiet, still breathing and enjoying the stillness as your little angel drifts off to sleep.  I remember those days with such fondness.  My little ones are no longer little and no longer fall asleep to a bedtime story or back scratches!  I now have lots of “me” time at bedtime and somehow over the years of them growing up and moving out of the house this precious “me” time ritual at bedtime, moved on as well.


Buttercups found along the creek during “me” time.

My “me” time is photography.  I grab my camera and a lens and take off.  Sometimes I simply set up a shoot in my office or kitchen with flowers.  I may wonder into my backyard in search of lizards or water drops or my doggie, Daisy.  What really rejuvenates my soul is a walk along the creek, camera in hand to capture whatever I encounter that catches my eye.

May be little flowers blowing in the wind, egrets flying across the creek, little snails making their way across the forest floor or tall grass blowing back and forth.  I find this time peaceful.  I get lost in the beauty of nature, losing track of time.   I frequently will think about photo shoots along the path that I take next to the creek.  Nature and young love, nature and old love, nature and families, nature and friends.  Hmmm….is it still “me” time if I invite others along?  :)

So, Where do you go?